37+ 12V Winch Switch Wiring Diagram Gif

37+ 12V Winch Switch Wiring Diagram
. Power windows, cruise control, interlock unit, instrument cluster, gear select, defog switch, dome light, computer engine control (1.6l).(1990_honda_civic_cruise_control.pdf). I made this project, and it does work:

Wiring Diagram For Winch
Wiring Diagram For Winch from i0.wp.com
Start date mar 28, 2012. I'm going to wire the winch to a relay that's switched in the cab so i can kill the power when i'm not using the winch. Please click the subscribe button below and share video.

I picked up a winch cab switch install kit a while back and finally go around to installing it.

Heavy duty 12v wireless electric winch + remote control switch handset for utv. It has the numbers shown and looks a lot like the physical setup. Based on the diagram i feel that the red wire runs to the ignition wire to prevent it from being hot without the key on? Switch on my control module so if you accidentally hit the button winch will spool.

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